Dutch cities, ministries to discuss Turkish unrest today

Turkish flag (Photo: Bahar/Wikimedia Commons). (Turkish flag (Photo: Bahar/Wikimedia Commons))

Several Dutch municipalities are meeting with Ministries on Wednesday to discuss the growing tension in the Turkish community in the Netherlands. The meeting is intended for the exchange of information and to share experiences in addressing arising problems, ANP reports.

Attending municipalities include Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Zaanstad. Other municipalities with large Turkish communities were also invited. From the government, officials from the Ministries of Social Affairs, Home Affairs and Security and Justice will be attending.

A recent attempted coup in Turkey resulted in a rise in tensions in the Turkish community in the Netherlands, especially between Erdogan supporters and Gulen supporters. The number of incidents within this community also increased dramatically in the wake of the failed coup, including , and lists being sent about of Tdue to their affiliations.

On Tuesday this unrest also reached politics in the Netherlands, after the Turkish ambassador to the Netherlands Recep Tayyip Erdogan against what he describes as the terrorist group following rival Fethullah Gulen.

Numerous Dutch parliamentarians , calling the ambassador's statements ridiculous, inappropriate and unwise.