Dutch government collects €26 mil. in back tax from Starbucks

The Netherlands collected 25.7 million euros in back tax from Starbucks, a spokesperson for the European Commission said on Monday. The back tax comes from a so-called sweetheart tax deal between Starbucks and the Dutch Tax Authorities, which the European Commission ruled to be illegal state aid last year,  ANP reports.

The Dutch government disagreed with the European Commission's ruling, stating that no rules were violated and that there was no state aid. The government took the case to the European Court of Justice.

The case is still ongoing, but that has no effect on Brussels' demand that the back taxes be collected. The European Commission said it "welcomes" the Netherlands decision to collect the millions of euros from the American coffee company.

The Netherlands also agreed that future tax payments from Starbucks will be in line with the Commission's ruling.