Koenders surprised over Britain's choice of Foreign Minsiter

Bert Koenders (Photo: Rijksoverheid.nl/Wikimedia Commons)Bert Koenders (Photo: Rijksoverheid.nl/Wikimedia Commons)

Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs is surprised that the new British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed Boris Johnson to be her Foreign Affairs Minister, he said to BNR. He looks forward to working with his new colleague, he said. 

Koenders added that after some consideration, it does make sense that she opted for pro-Brexit Boris and therefore reflects the will the British people expressed in the referendum. "I have the impression that the new Prime Minister really named people in the Brexit camp who want the UK out of Europe", he said to the broadcaster.

The Dutch Minister doesn't know whether Boris will handle the Brexit negotiations. "It's just too early to tell. I have not spoken to him, so honestly we'll have to wait and see. He is a flamboyant man who has a lot to say about foreign leaders, so I think we can at least look forward to interesting meetings with him as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom." Koenders said to BNR.

Johnson was initially in the race to succeed David Cameron as the UK's Prime Minsiter, but dropped out unexpectedly.