Amateur football club in Eindhoven linked to money laundering scheme


Five amateur football players from Eindhoven club Nieuw Woensel were paid with dirty money, the Public Prosecutor announced on Friday. The Prosecutor believes they knew that their pay formed part of a money laundering scheme, the Telegraaf reports.

This money laundering scheme came to light during an ongoing investigation into a 48-year-old Eindhoven resident. The footballers were informed about their part in the investigation, which involves several thousand euros per year, this past week.

The investigation into the 48-year-old suspect has been ongoing for some time. The police previously searched his luxurious home in the Tongelre district and seized the house, its content and his boat on suspicion of money laundering.

The Prosecutor believes the man's money comes from illegal cannabis trade using the 48-year-old man's car dealership as a cover.