Liquor store Mitra declared bankrupt

Liquor store (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Zivya). (Liquor store (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Zivya))

With reporting by Liam De Troch

The court in Zutphen declared liquor store chain Mitra bankrupt on Thursday after a long period of financial difficulty. This means that 24 stores owned by Mitra are closing down and 144 employees may lose their jobs, reports.

The 24 stores were closed immediately. The website of the liquor store has been taken offline. RTL Z reports, based on conversations with bankruptcy curator Coen Houtman, that they are still looking for a buyer for their 124 franchises. These stores will remain open fort he time being.

Financial weaknesses aren’t a new thing for Mitra, the company has already been in difficulty for longer periods of time, inter alia because of the economical crash, declining sales of domestic brewed products and competition with supermarkets and online providers, reports