Dutch politicians outraged by vandalism videos on Instagram

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A majority in Dutch parliament is calling for measures to be taken against Instagram account Straathyena's (Street Hyenas) on which videos of mostly young people wantonly destroying everything they can get their hands on are shown, the Telegraaf reports.

The videos include footage of windows being smashed, scooters being pushed over, bus stops being vandalised etc.

CDA parliamentarian Madeleine van Toorenburg calls it "ridiculous that vandals are given a podium for their violence". The VVD wants the Public Prosecutor to investigate these plaforms. "Intentional destruction pure for entertainment is bad enough. But taking pleasure in publishing the demolitions and thereby perhaps encouraging it, we must address if possible", MP Foort van Oosten said.

Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice told the newspaper he finds the videos "outrageous" and that his ministry is looking into how the Straathyenas can be addressed.

According to RTL Nieuws, the videos are not made by the people who run the account, but submitted by followers. The account has about 123 thousand followers. One of the four people behind the account previously told Editie NL that they made the account to earn money from shoutouts - mentioning another account or page where the entire video can be seen.

"Vandalism existed long before there was this account. So if they now film it to put it on Straathyenas, I don't think anything changed. We do not feel responsible. I believe that parents are responsible for the upbringing they give the child. After that all responsibility goes to the perpetrators", the account manager said.