Police raid two pot plantations; 7,460 plants destroyed

The police dismantled two operating cannabis plantations at separate addresses in Breda on Tuesday. Cannabis related items were found at to other addresses, the police announced on Wednesday.

In a home on William Boothstraat the police found a cannabis plantation consisting of 207 mother plants, 396 regular cannabis plants and 6,544 cuttings. The dismantled the plantation and grid operator Enexis cut the building's power after it as discovered that electricity for the plant was stolen through fraud. No arrests were made.

Officers found another cannabis plantation in a home on Seringenlaan consisting of 402 plants. The 29-year-old resident was arrested on suspicion of violating the Opium Act. Here too the electricity was stolen.

In a home on Haagweg officers found 5.5 kilograms of dried cannabis. The police believe that the house served as a cannabis drying and cutting location. No live plants were found. The 43-year old resident was arrested.

When searching a home on Brasschaatsraat, the police found an already dismantled cannabis plantation. The plantation material was still there as well as other traces of cannabis cultivation. No one was arrested at this address.

In consultation with the Public Prosecutor, the police dismantled the two plantations and seized the cultivating material and plants. Samples were taken from the plants for evidence, after which they were destroyed. All electricity theft was reported to Enexis.