Some 58 percent of Dutch want to stay in EU; 16 pct. undecided

Most Dutch people want the Netherlands to stay part of the European Union - 58 percent are against a so-called Nexit, 26 percent are for leaving the EU and 16 percent are undecided, according t a poll by DVJ Insights on behalf of RTL Nieuws.

The Dutch population is also mostly against a referendum on the matter. 53 percent think a Nexit referendum is a bad idea. 36 percent want to cast their vote.

Supporters of EU membership think that the Netherlands is better off as part of a strong EU, especially in the fields of safety, peace and economy. The supporters believe that united in the European Union, the EU countries can stand up to other world powers like the United States, China and Russia. The ease of free travel and a single money unit also play big parts for the supporters.

Opponents cite the high sums the Netherlands has to pay over, the current immigration issues and over-regulation from Brussels as reasons to leave the EU.

RTL ordered this poll in preparation for the British referendum on a possible Brexit, scheduled for June 23rd. According to Z24, it is unlikely that the Netherlands will get a chance to go to the polls on this matter, as the current law states that a referendum can only be called for in response to new laws and treaties. A "Nexit" referendum is not provided for in the current legislation.