Artist Peter Klashorst blocked from Facebook for “offensive” paintings

Facebook temporarily blocked Amsterdam artist Peter Klashorst from the social media site for not following the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. According to Klashorst, Facebook finds one of his paintings of Donald Trump offensive and suggests that he uses underage models for his work, the artist said to Het Parool.

"You're blocked from sending messages for the next 72 hours because it looks like you've sent - or uploaded - a photo or video that doesn't follow the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. In many countries, it's illegal to make, share or knowingly have images of anyone under the age of 18 involved in sexually explicit acts or behavior. This includes nudity", the notification Klashorts got from Facebook reads.

Klashorst denies this accusation. "I can not access my . My models are allegedly minors and also a painting with a praying Donald Trump is not acceptable, I suspect. I censor genitals with a red cross for Facebook, but it still turns out to be offensive", he said to the newspaper. He told Facebook to press charges of pedophilia against him. He is willing to prove his models age with copies of their passports.

According to the artist, Rotterdam lawyer Derk van de Elzen is investigating whether he can start a case against Facebook. "If I worked with child pornography, I think Facebook is also guilty, because that company spreads child pornographic material. I do not think that I can win such a case, but it is about freedom of expression."