Some 700 kids need first aid during school gym classes

(Photo: Ranveig/Dodo / Wikimedia Commons)(Photo: Ranveig/Dodo / Wikimedia Commons)

Every week over 700 school pupils need first aid after an accident at school, according to new figures from ViligheidNL. The majority of these accidents happen during gym class, AD repors.

In 2014 a massive 8,200 primary school children had to go to the emregency room because ofan accident in gym class. That is 41 primary school kids per school day. Among high school students 7,400 visited the emergency room that year - 37 per school day. Thousands more were treated at school.

Hedy Goossens of VeiligheidNL thinks that lessons on falling will reduce these figures. According to her, children no longer know how to break a fall. They spend less time playing outside and more time in front of computers and televisiosn. "They are afraid of falling. Anxiety brings contractions with it, which increases the chance of a fracture", she said to AD. Another contributing factor is that parents are more cautious.

A study comparing children from 1980 to kids from 2006 showed that children's motor skills deteriorated, according to VeiligheidNL. They foundation is therefore calling for falling lessons - teach children how to break a fall with a roll instead of with their hands. They may still get hurt, but are less likely to break a bone.