Dutch fraudsters targeting tourists in South Africa

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Two participants in popular Dutch reality show Ik Vertrek now seem to be defrauding tourists visiting South Africa. Television program Groeten van MAX visited the couple, Peter and Heike, after it became clear that they defrauded several families out of tens of thousands of euros, the Telegraaf reports.

Peter and Heike were featured in Ik Vertrek last year. Viewers followed their journey in emigrating to South Africa and taking over holiday resort Cheetah Inn Safari Lodge.

But what was first thought to be a successful emigration story, now seems to be somewhat darker. Several families paid money to the couple for a vacation in South Africa, only to have the vacation cancelled. One family, for example, lost 16 thousand euros in this way. Their vacation was cancelled 12 days before the departure date and the money was never returned, according to the newspaper.

Groeten van MAX managed to track Peter down. He claims that he is bankrupt and his marriage is falling apart. According to him, the holiday bookings were cancelled due to "continuing drought and poachers".

Despite this he is still offering holidays, according to the newspaper. Victims are advised to report to the police.


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