Dutch voters want PVV in next cabinet, but not in PM seat

A majority of Dutch voters want anti-Islam party PVV to form part of the cabinet should the party become the biggest faction in the next election. Though most do not want Geert Wilders to get the Prime Minister seat, according to Maurice de Hond's weekly poll.

More than half, 56 percent, of respondents indicated that the PVV should be part of the cabinet if it becomes the largest party. All the PVV voters are in favor of this. PvdA and GroenLinks voters are most against the PVV forming part of the government, with 76 and 74 percent respectively saying no.

When asked whether PVV leader Geert Wilders should be Prime Minister if his party becomes the largest in the election, a majority of 53 percent said no. PvdA, GroenLinks and D66 voters are most against this happening. 87 percent of PVV voters thinks Wilders as Prime Minister is a good idea.

There was no movement in polls this week. According to De Hond, this stable pattern can be attributed to "the government, the parties and the most important politicians acting in line with the image that voters have of them". De Hond expects more movement in the polls as the election in 2017 approaches.

Should the election be held today, the PVV will be the largest party with 37 seats. Second place goes to VVD with 23 virtual seats, followed by the CDA with 18 and GroenLinks with 17.