Some 40 percent victimized in credit card, debit card fraud

Credit cards (Source: Wikimedia/Sprinno)
Credit cards (Source: Wikimedia/Sprinno)Credit cards (Source: Wikimedia/Sprinno)

Nearly 40 percent of Dutch fell victim to debit- or credit card fraud over the past two years, according to a survey done by consumers' association Consumentenbond. In a third of the cases, money was actually stolen, RTL Nieuws reports.

Debit and credit card fraud caused 3.3 million euros in damage in 2014 and 4.7 million euros last year.

For 90 percent of the victims, the damage was less than a thousand euros. 30 percent of victims got no or very little money back from the bank and 13 percent are dissatisfied with how the damages were settled.

A popular method for debit- or credit card fraud is still phishing, in which criminals try to get you to sign into a fake banking website. But the most popular method last year was criminals trying to get hold of the actual card by sending an email or SMS asking that old cards be posted to an address for recycling.