"Negro" title on Dutch painting quickly covered before Obama's royal visit

A page with two horses by Dutch artist Aelbert Cuyp (Photo: Wikimedia Commons). (A page with two horses by Dutch artist Aelbert Cuyp (Photo: Wikimedia Commons))

At least one lackey working in the Kensington Palace in the United Kingdom deserves a raise this year. The royal aide noticed the word "Negro" on a plaque describing a Dutch painting only minutes before American President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle was set to arrive in the room. The painting in question is "The Negro Page" by Dutch artist Albert Cuyp. It was named when the artist painted it in 1660 and its name was since updated to "A page with two horses". But not on the plaque describing the painting where it hangs in Duke William and Duchess Kate's private apartment in the palace, where they entertained the Obamas on Friday night. A frantic employee was sent for a screwdriver and removed the plaque before the Americans arrival. A houseplant was strategically moved to hide its absence. "Everyone knew this was the first time cameras had been allowed into the the Duke and Duchess' private home so everything had been prepped accordingly", a source said to British news agency The Sun. "Imagine the horror when someone spotted the N-word on the huge painting that dominated the room. No-one wanted to cause any offense to the Obamas so a screwdriver was summoned to remove the picture's title." The painting is part of the British Royal Family's private art collection. According to The Sun, Duchess Kate herself picked it out to hang in her living room.