Johan Cruijff five-euro memorial coin in development

Johan Cruijff dies at age 68 (Photo: Cruyff foundation). (Johan Cruijff dies at age 68 (Photo: Cruyff foundation))

The Dutch Royal Mint is working on a memorial five-euro coin to commemorate football legend Johan Cruijff. The company is discussing it with Cruijff's family, commercial director Rene van Dijk said in the radio program Langs de Lijn en Omstreken.

Van Dijk believes that, as ambassador for the Netherlands abroad, Cruijff meets the legal requirements for issuing a commemorative coin. He thinks that a 14-euro coin is also an option, but for that the law will have to be changed. "That will be the Cruijff-law then", he said. Cruijff wore the number 14 on his jersey for a large part of his football career.

Johan Cruijff of 68 after a battle with lung cancer. In 2000 he himself minted a commemorative coin in honor of the European Championship in the Netherlands and Belgium. The coin had Queen Beatrix on the front and a football on the back, according to NOS.