Court: Remove leaked Holleeder docs from crime site

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The court summoned Martin Kok to remove the leaked documents from Willem Holleeder's criminal file from his website Vlinderscrime of face a fine of 5 thousand euros per hour. Links to the documents were removed from the site, though they can still be found on the site through search engines, broadcaster NOS reports.

The court made this decision on Monday and a bailiff went to give the summons to crime journalist Kok just minutes before he appeared on national television talk show Pauw. "What you are not allowed to do is put the information on the site. You have to remove it. If you don't, it could become an expensive business", the bailiff said to Kok.

The documents in question involved transcripts of Holleeder's police interrogations. In it he tries to pin criminal activities on his sisters Sonja and Astrid and talks about his connections with the underworld.