Sentence man who killed sister, Els Borst to 8 years: prosecutor

The public prosecution office in the Netherlands demanded that Bart van U. serve an eight-year prison sentence and mandatory psychiatric treatment for the murders of his sister, Lois, and former health minister Els Borst. In its closing argument, the prosecution pushed for two manslaughter convictions instead of murder, saying that Van U. “was of a greatly diminished mental capacity” at the time of the crimes.

The prosecutor stated that Van U. used "brute force" in both murders - both Els Borst and Lois van U. had more than 40 stab wounds, reports. The prosecutor believes that Van U. acted in a "delusion" in killing his sister, but in Borst's case there was definitely premeditation. The former Minister was not a "random victim", but the victim of a long-standing plan.

On Tuesday Van U. told the court that God gave him a "divine mission" to kill those responsible for the euthanasia law. He went to Borst's house asking for Wim Kok's murder and killed her when she refused. He stated that he was disappointed that he had to do so, god gave him no choice.

Van U. also stated that he killed his sister after she offered him "eierkoeken" - a Dutch dessert snack - while she knew he did not like it.

The lawyer defending Van U. told the media at the court case that the defense will demand that Van u. be declared completely insane and not be given a prison sentence.