Red Light District window pop up cafe 1 of 7 in Amsterdam fest

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Amsterdam residents and visitors looking for an unique dining experience, can look forward to March 31st. On that night the capital city will be the host of seven popup restaurants in strange and special locations, including one behind a window brothel in the Red Light District.

These seven popup restaurants, there for one night only, is the initiative of Shoreditch, in cooperation with foodora. The concept is called Amsterdam Eet Uit!

"This concept is a tribute to the city's gems. These are all places that you quietly pass without realizing how special they are, or places that you look at with bated breath." said Shoreditch founder Joep Verbunt in a press release. "Ugly, special or tourissty, these places make Amsterdam and for once only they open their doors as a restaurant.

In addition to dinner in a window brothel, other locations include in the cockpit of a ferry to Noord, in a 100 year old steamboat, next to the grass in Amsterdam ArenA and with famous celebrities, or at least statues of them, in Madame Tussauds wax museum.

As these locations were never intended to be used as restaurants, they don't have a kitchen. So guests will order their dinner online with the foodora app on their smartphones. Foodora is a new online delivery service for restaurants in Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. The meals will be delivered within 30 minutes by a bike team.

More information about the locations can be seen on this website. The night will cost 30 euro per person, including a matching drink package. Reservations can be made from Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.