Amsterdam's city hall makes brief appearance as Airbnb rental

Amsterdam's city hall Stopera advertised on Airbnb, 8 Mar 2016 (Photo: @Amsterdam1012/Twitter)Amsterdam's city hall Stopera advertised on Airbnb, 8 Mar 2016 (Photo: @Amsterdam1012/Twitter)

Ever wondered what it would be like to sleep over in the Stopera? For a short time on Tuesday it seemed possible to find out - the Amsterdam city hall was available to rent on accommodation site Airbnb for the low price of only 10 euros a night.

According to the, since removed, add the City Hall offers room for 16 or more guests, has 10 bedrooms furnished with real beds and 2.5 bathrooms. Perks of renting the Stopera are that it has "a super central location" and a "great flea market litterally in the back yard". The price is so low "because we just love all tourists".

It is unclear whether this ad was intended as a simple prank, or some form of political statement. The timing does seem kind of perfect - the Amsterdam city council is debating the cooperation between the municipality and Airbnb on Wednesday.