Some 160 want to donate to Leiden poop bank; Most disqualified

Leiden University Medical Center (Photo: M.Minderhoud/Wikimedia Commons)Leiden University Medical Center (Photo: M.Minderhoud/Wikimedia Commons)

More than 160 people reported to the poop bank at the Leiden University Medical Center to donate their feces, the university announced on Tuesday. About 95 percent of them were disqualified because they do not meet the requirements.

Medical microbiologist Liz Terveer, coordinator for the Netherlands Donor Feces Bank, is not discouraged by the high rate of disqualification. "Last week we received a lot of mails, when the news abut the feces bank came out. The applications poured in. Through some channels, like the news, there was too little information about the donor demands."

Donors need be be younger than 50 years, have good health, live in the vicinity of Leiden and have a regular bowel movement.

Despite the high disqualification rate, the bank currently has enough donors to stockpile for the next six months. The donated feces will be used to treat patients with certain bowel disorders, such as intestinal infection Clostridium difficile.