Museum tries to block Hieronymus Bosch documentary

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The Noordbrabants Museum in 's-Hertogenbosch tried to block a documentary about their Hieronymus Bosch exhibition with a lawsuit because they knew it would offend the Prado Museum in Madrid, Brabants Dagblad reports. 

Filmmaker Pieter va Huystee followed the run up to the exhibition, which This included a delegation from the Bosch Research and Conservation Project scrutinizing many Bosch paintings. The delegation concluded that one of the paintings currently in possession of the Prado - the seven deadly sins - were not the work of Bosch himself, but of an understudy.

Worried that the Prado would refuse to lend the Noordbrabants Museum their paintings, director Charles de Mooij filed a lawsuit to stop the documentary from airing. He only relented and withdrew the suit on the day before the premier.

De Mooij was partially justified about his concerns. The Prado Museum eventually