Grandfather babysitter gets 8-year sentence for sexual abuse

A 63-year-old grandfather acting as a babysitter was found guilty by a court in Den Haag for sexually abusing at least seven children including his own grandchildren. The court sentenced him to eight years in prison, without the possibility of early release.

The victims included the friends of his grandchildren. All of the children involved were aged between four and ten when they were abused over a 26-month period ending in May 2015, the court stated.

The abuse came to a halt when a mother caught the Zoetermeer man molesting her six-year-old girl’s vagina while she was sitting on his lap. The child acknowledged that the abuse happened on other occasions as well. The other parents were then involved, and discussed what happened with their own children, bringing to light the full scope of the abuse.

The man was also accused and convicted of producing child pornography by recording the abuse. The court determined that he also showed the children child and adult pornography.

He was exonerated of abusing an eighth child, a girl of about seven years in age.

The court ordered him to pay compensation to the victims of up to 7,500 euros each, totaling 40 thousand. The prosecutor had demanded a ten-year sentence, and 45 thousand euros in restitution.