H&M sweater dyed woman’s skin “Smurf blue” she claims in viral rant

Renske complains that an H&M sweater turned her Smurf-blue (Photo: Screenshot/Facebook). (Renske complains that an H&M sweater turned her Smurf-blue (Photo: Screenshot/Facebook))

Eighteen year old Renske Evers was pretty shocked on Tuesday when she realized her brand new H&M sweater turned her whole upper body "Smurf blue". Her complaint on H&M's Facebook page went viral, getting thousands of likes. "Hi. Last week I bought a fantastic blue turtleneck and wore it all fanatically today. Throughout today everything was fine, fine jersey, wonderfully warm, very beautiful, Renske happy. Once under the shower things turned out to be less fine than I thought BECAUSE MY WHOLE BODY IS BLUE. And by blue I mean really blue fucking blue blue. Not light blue, simply pop-neon Smurf blue", the irate Renske wrote. H&M could not help but reply to the peculiar complaint, and even played along with the Smurf game. "What a shame that the turtleneck smurfed you completely blue!" the company wrote, asking her to send the product code so that they can report that "a curse of Gargamel rests on the sweater." Renske can exchange the sweater free of charge. The complaint was since removed from Facebook.