Asylum center plans shelved after protest, riot

Anti-asylum center protest in Heesch, Brabant, 18 Jan 2016 (Photo: @dannyvanasperen/Twitter)Anti-asylum center protest in Heesch, Brabant, 18 Jan 2016 (Photo: @dannyvanasperen/Twitter)

There will be no large asylum center in Heesch, following violent protests against the arrival of some 500 asylum seekers in the small Brabant town. A majority in the city council voted against the center, the municipality of Bernheze announced on Wednesday, ANP reports.

The SP and VVD factions were the first to announce that they will be voting against the center, followed by the CDA on Wednesday. "After extensive consultation and consideration of all available data, the CDA Bernheze faction decided they will not agree to the college's proposal for an asylum center in Heech", faction chairman Wim van Lith wrote. He added that the faction is not succumbing to the protesters who rioted against the asylum center in the town in mid-January.

The municipality is still looking into other possibilities of accommodating asylum seekers, such as smaller-scale shelter spread over various centers in the municipality.


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