Ten percent of Dutch murders committed by mentally disturbed

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A tenth of the murders committed in the Netherlands last year, were committed by mentally disturbed people, Elsevier reports based on their own research.

There were a total of 115 murders in the Netherlands over 2015. Twelve of them were committed by mentally disturbed individuals who previously or still received treatment from the mental health care services in the country. According to the news agency, the actual number may well be higher, seeing as not all of the murders have been solved.

According to Elsevier, this may be attributed to the mental health employees "grossly" underestimating the danger their patients pose. Another part of the problem is that the current law does not offer sufficient possibilities to safely grant dangerous patients leave outside the clinic. The law is is being adapted, but that is expected to take another two years before the adjustments can be implemented.

CDA parliamentarian Hanke Bruins Slot urges for speed in this matter. "It is important that the legislation be amended on this point, so there are more possibilities to ensure safety in the home."