A million tune in to see George Clooney on RTL Late Night

George Clooney (Photo: Siebbi/Wikimedia Commons). (George Clooney (Photo: Siebbi/Wikimedia Commons))

A total of 994 thousand viewers tuned in to watch RTL Late Night on Tuesday night featuring Hollywood star George Clooney as as guest, according to figures from Stichting Kijkonderzoek.

With nearly a million viewers, the program fell just out of the top 10 most watched shows on Tuesday.

Clooney visited the Netherlands to draw attention for his human rights organization Not On Our Watch, about which he spoke earlier in the evening on the Goed Geld Gala. The American actor also spoke about his career and his current position in Hollywood, the commotion surrounding the lack of black actors nominated for Oscars and his love for Europe.

He finished the show by telling host Humberto Tan what a fantastic interviewer he is.