Dentist will not be prosecuted in wife’s assisted suicide

Dutch dentist Mark van N. will not be prosecuted for helping his wife commit suicide, the Public Prosecutor announced on Wednesday. Van N. was arrested in Canada on the grounds of patient mutilation in France. When he spoke to the Canadian police in September 2014, he

He repeated the same story, that he assisted her in suicide, to the Dutch police. The police and judiciary investigated this statement and the investigation "yielded not a single confirmation of the man's statement", according to the Public Prosecutor.

The investigators questioned more than 20 witnesses and looked into the wife's medical history. There were no indications that Van N. was involved in the woman's death. The investigation is now complete, there will be no further investigation and Van N. will not be prosecuted for involvement in his wife's death.

In December 2014 the court in The Hague ruled that to face the mutilation charges against him, despite the man to avoid this.