Explosion rocks northern Netherlands neighborhood, one hurt

An explosion in an apartment building on Nachtegaalstraat in Drachten on Sunday night left one person injured and the residents of all 39 apartments evacuated. The wounded person was taken to the hospital with burns, the severity of his injuries is unknown. 

Some of the evacuated residents were given shelter in a nearby hotel. The rest went to family and friends, according to the fire department. The exact number of people affected by the explosion is unclear. No one was reported missing. The fire department searched the apartments and did not find anyone, according to NU. But to be safe, the rubble will be searched on Monday.

At least eight apartments were severely damaged. These apartments are located around the one on the first floor in which the explosion happened. Six of these apartments collapsed, according broadcaster NOS. There is still a risk of collapse and guards were placed around the building on Sunday night to make sure that no one tries to enter.

The police are still investigating the cause of the explosion. A spokesperson for the police stated that the explosion was not caused by fireworks. Local residents believe it to be a gas explosion.