Students DDoS their own schools to escape exams, for fun

With the popularity of DDoS cyber attacks increasing, more and more schools are also being hit. And the perpetrators are often the school's students themselves, doing so just for the fun of it or because they want to avoid writing an exam, according to Aiko Pras of the University of Twente, NOS reports.

According to SURFnet, the education IT organization, one school is hit with a DDoS attack each day. As schools are already very dependent on the internet and digital study material, such attacks can have far reaching effect.

According to Pras, conducting a DDoS attach is currently so easy, that booking a plane ticket is harder. "Three clicks and your credit card, and  you can carry out an attack", he said to the broadcaster. There are a number of websites especially for this purpose. "Anyone who can use a computer can carry out a DDoS attack."