U.S. probing Dutch firm Imtech over Iran, Sudan military equipment deals

Imtech building in Rotterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gerd Fahrenhorst)Imtech building in Rotterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gerd Fahrenhorst)

United States regulators are investigating at least four controversial military equipment deliveries bankrupt Dutch firm Imtech made to Iraq, the Telegraaf reported on Tuesday.

According to the newspaper, an unpublished internal Imtech report showes that the bankrupt company traded with companies from Iran, Syria and Sudan for years. Imtech's own investigators found 198 "possible" violations in deliveries to these countries.

The four deliveries the U.S. is currently investigating involves Imtech subsidiary Radio Holland delivering sensitive military equipment such as radar and navigation systems to Iranian companies.

Radio Holland was taken over by investor Parcom and family business Pon after Imtech was declared bankrupt. According to the newspaper, these two new owners may be facing fines running into he millions of euros.