Prosecutor: 14 years for MMA fighter in sex worker ex-girlfriend murder

The Public Prosecutor demanded 14 years in prison against mixed martial arts fighter Jordan J. in the court in Amsterdam on Thursday. J. is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, 22 year old sex worker Krasimira, and then setting fire to her home in September 2013. The Prosecutor asked that the J. be convicted of manslaughter because premeditation cannot be conclusively proven, AT5 reports.

The fire department responded to the victim's home on Charlotte de Bourbonstraat in Amsterdam West during the early hours of September 25th, 2013 after a report of a fire. Once the fire was extinguished, the young sex worker's body was found. She was strangled to death. J. was arrested early in October.

The Public Prosecutor told the court that the 22 year old victim reported to the police that J. stole 5 thousand euros from her. She told the police that is capable of "murdering someone". "Due to K.'s police report, J. was in danger of losing everything, his children, martial arts and relationship with his girlfriend", the Prosecutor said. "Thus it is conceivable that J. could only keep himself afloat by taking K. out of the picture."

The Prosecutor considers it proven that J. strangled the victim, set fire to her house, assaulted and stole from her.