No foul play in Scottish tourist's drowning

Chris Nelson, missing in Amsterdam since November 15th, 2015 (Photo: Politie)Chris Nelson, missing in Amsterdam since November 15th, 2015 (Photo: Politie)

An investigation into the death of Scottish tourist Chris Nelson indicated "drowning" as the cause of his demise, police said on Thursday. The body of the 24 year old was found by divers searching the Oudeschans canal in Amsterdam Centrum a day earlier, the second such search in the city's waterways. "We are not assuming this was a crime," Amsterdam police announced. Nelson went out with his fiancée, Stephanie Kollross, on November 14, visiting Westerpark nightspot Pacific Parc. The visitors returned to a friend's apartment on Rechtboomsloot, had a pizza at about 3 a.m., and went to bed. He then sent his mother several text messages, which she said worried her because they were sent at an unusual time. She told the BBC he had recently been complaining of homesickness. Nelson left the apartment for a walk to clear his head at 6 a.m., something Kollross said was not unusual. He never returned home.