Delft technical univ. named in latest threat; Campus security screening students

TU Delft Aula (Photo: Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed/Wikimedia Commons). (TU Delft Aula (Photo: Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed/Wikimedia Commons))

Thousands of TU Delft students underwent random bag checks at the entrances of the university on Thursday after a threat was received. 

"We implemented this measure after we received a signal. A potential threat with limited risk", TU Delft spokesperson Michel van Baal said to newspaper AD. "But we'd rather be safe than sorry."

The police confirmed that the university received a threat to several Dutch news agencies, but would not comment on what type of threat it was. "It is a threat directed at the TU Delft, so it does not apply to other universities", a police spokesperson said to AD. "We are taking it very seriously and have therefore taken visible and invisible measures."

According to the Telegraaf, random bag checks are happening at the aula and library.