Testimony: Crime boss Holleeder went crazy, threatened sister's kids

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Crime boss Willem Holleeder was becoming crazier and crazier. "He is a psychopath. He's really sick", his sister Sonja testified in the court in Amsterdam on Tuesday. He threatened her children. "We had to flip for who he would shoot first", she said, the Telegraaf reports.

Holleeder's other sister, Astrid, testified on Monday. Tuesday was Sonja's turn. She told the court that she did not have any sleepless nights about testifying against her brother, but fear of him did rule her life. She did not fight him, because it wouldn't make sense. "I said yes and amen. If i did not, he promptly asked Astrid whether I was talking to the police." Astrid eventually convinced her to do just that. "I'm doing this for Cor and for the children."

Sonja is convinced that Holleeder had her husband, Cor van Hout, murdered. "He admitted as much. After Cor's death he sat crying to me on the couch. That evening he demanded that I sell the house to pay my own husband's killers", she said, according to the newspaper. Cor had to die because Holleeder thought he'd get an inheritance. "Money and power. Everything revolved around that for him."

Sonja stated that her life was dominated by her brother, explaining that where Astrid was his sounding board, she was his doormat. She came when he called, did what he wanted. He even used her house "to shit and pee". "He saw me as his possession and controlled my life completely. He knew I'd never dare say anything", she told the court, adding that it is difficult for outsiders to understand what she and her sister went through. "My brother is a charmer. He takes you in. And then he eats you up."

Holleeder's ex girlfriend Sandra den Hartog is also testifying against him on Tuesday.