“He has an unhealthy blood lust,” says sister of alleged crime boss

Astrid Holleeder testified against her brother, Willem Holleeder, in the court in Amsterdam on Monday. She talked about her brother's role in the assassination wave that plagued Amsterdam these past few years. One of the first things she said is that Holleeder has an "unhealthy blood lust" and that "it has to stop", AD reports.

Astrid recorded conversations she had with her brother, despite the judiciary's advise not to do so. "I had to, otherwise I could not prove what he said", she said in court, adding that it was very difficult. She could not ask any questions, because Holleeder would immediately become suspicious.

In her statement Astrid Holleeder tells about her brother's statements about the murders in Amsterdam. He stated that a "rocket" would hit murdered Kees Houtman and that he paid money to a middle man for the murder of Cor van Hout. "For me the murderer is the one who wished him dead", Astrid said about Cor van Hout's assassination in 2003. "Willem is the murderer. He did it." He never named any names on who committed the murders.

Willem Holleeder is accused of being involved in the murders of his old friend Cor van Hout in 2003, real estate magnate Willem Endstra in 2004, Kees Houtman and Jonh Mierement in 2005 and Thomas van der Bijl in 2006. Holleeder's other sister Sonja and ex-girlfriend Sandra den Hartog will testify against him later this week.