Horse meat dealer in Europe food scandal now selling meat again

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Jan Fasen - the Breda man who is suspected of playing a central role in the horse meat scandal that had much of Europe doubting their dinners 2.5 years ago - is back in the meat selling business, his lawyer confirmed during a pre-trial hearing in the court of Breda on Wednesday, AD reports.

According to the Public Prosecutor, Fasen sold horse meat as beef from a cold store in Breda through is trading company Draap in 2012 and 2013. This horse meat ended up in, among others, British supermarkets through French processors. Interestingly Draap is the Dutch word for horse - paard - in reverse.

The Public Prosecutor believes that Fasen, along with his partner Hans Windmeijer,  formed a criminal organization that deliberately falsified documents to disguise the origin of the meat in question.

The hearing also revealed that Fasen has not been question by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority or the Dutch police yet. When Fasen spent several weeks in custody in a French prison last year, the Dutch authorities attempted to question him, but he invoked his right to remain silent. According to his lawyer, "the agreement was that he would be questioned in the Netherlands, so that his defense can be present". The court agreed that Fasen still has to make a statement in the Netherlands.

Fasen has to make a statement before the case file is complete and the trial can begin. When this will happen is still unclear.