KFC wins “Liar, Liar” award from food watchdog; Fast food chain denies accusation

KFC in Groningen (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wierse). (KFC in Groningen (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wierse))

KFC is the winner of WakkerDier's - the annual prize the food watchdog awards for the most misleading product, statement or advertisements. The fast food chain is not happy with the award and denies all accusations.

According to WakkerDier, KFC gets the award because its website campaign "Don't worry, Eat Happy" "cackles" that the fast food chain offers only "good quality chicken". "But KFC uses battery farm chicken and many consumers are worried about that", the food watchdog writes.

KFC responded by stating that they are "very careful with their chicken", the Telegraaf reports. "We buy our chicken meat exclusively from certified Dutch suppliers subject to the stringent quality of KFC. KFC takes animal welfare seriously and only works with trusted suppliers who comply with all the animal protection guidelines and the legally prescribed EU directives on this subject."

According to WakkerDier, KFC got the most votes "by far". Second and third place in went to the pig concepts created by Duroc d'Olives and Friberne, both available at butchers in the Netherlands. Both companies indicated that they will modify the offending promotional material.