Health insurance price increase cheaper than Health Min. predicted

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The Dutch health insurers have announced their price increases for next year. And all of the increases are lower than the average of 7 extra euros a month the Ministry of Health announced on Prinsjesdag.

Many of the insurers are drawing on their reserves to keep premium increases as low as possible, RTL Nieuws reports.

CZ is increasing its premiums by 4.45 euros a month to 104.95 euros. This applies to most of the basic packages from CZ. Next year premiums at Menzis will be 2.75 euros more expensive at 107 euros per month. At Ohra the basic premium is increasing by 4.63 euros to 105.37 euros. DSW is increasing premiums with 3.75 euros to 98.75 euros per month. And with Delta Lloyd the premium for the basic health insurance is increasing with 4.60 euros to 107.50 euros. Percentage wise, Menzis is increasing by 2.6 percent, the rest with around 4 percent.

According to the health insurers, the higher premiums are due to a combination of the aging population, the cost of new treatments and new expensive drugs. Basic packages are also reimbursing more treatments and medications.