Drunk bus driver crashes into Enschede police station

Syntus bus (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Dennistd). (Syntus bus (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Dennistd))

A drunk bus driver caused havoc in Enschede during the early hours of Tuesday morning by crashing into another bus, a building and finally the police station.

The bus driver involved is a 40 year old Syntus employee, AD reports. The wild ride started at the bus depot on Fortuinstraat around 0:30 a.m. and ended in the police station on Hengelosestraat a few minutes later.

The bus driver hid under a parked car in the courtyard of the police station after the crash, but officers found and arrested him. A police spokesperson told the newspaper that the man refused a breathalyzer test, but was obviously under the influence of alcohol.

A spokesperson for Syntus stated that the bus driver was off duty at the time. "We are very shocked. We do not know what this employee's motive was. Luckily the damage is minor and no one was hurt.", the spokesperson said to AD.