Notorious felon arrested in prison for 2006 Tilburg murder

File photo showing a police arrest. (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Lionel Allorge)

Notorious criminal Murat K. was arrested in prison on Wednesday for involvement in the assassination of 48 year old Hakki Adnan Yesilgat in June 2006 in Tilburg-Noord.

This is according to the Telegraaf based on an anonymous source. The police confirmed the arrest, but would give no further details. According to the newspaper, the 39 year old criminal is one of the people that played an important role in the Willem Endstra process, according to key witness Hidir K.'s statements.

Yesilkagit, 48, was assassinated in his car in front of his house on Mahlerstraat in Tilburg on June 23rd, 2006. So far the police have been unable to solve this case.

Murat K.'s name was repeatedly mentioned in court on Wednesday in the trial regarding the assassination of real estate magnate Willem Endstra. At the time of Endstra's death, Murat K. was in prison. But according to Hidir K., he formed part of the organization that was controlled by Willem Holleeder and Dino Soerel.

Hidir K. told the court that Murat K. had Endstra under observation for months and knew who arranged the cars that were used in the assassination.