Utrecht bans Ajax fans after anti-Semitism complaints

The municipality of Utrecht has decided to implement bans and ticket limitations ahead of the FC Utrecht vs Ajax match on December 13th, due to the anti-Semitic chants by fans. Mayor Jan van Zanen has done this in consultation with police to ensure that the away stand, Bunnik Side, remains empty for the game. These measures were taken after the April 5th match between the two teams saw FC Utrecht supporters singing antisemitic songs.

Additional security staffing and the installation of cameras have been introduced to identify unwanted chants or misconduct. The KNVB Appeals Committee has also fined FC Utrecht 10,000 euros.

Bunnik Side season ticket holders will be spread out across the stadium, a commitment made by the club. Mayor van Zanen is convinced that the additional measures will increase the chances of formal relations between the two clubs.

Presidents of the supporters club have expressed their willingness to aid the relations between the two clubs. Reports have revealed that further risk measures will be taken into account if signs of unrest are seen during the run-up to the match.

On their website Ajax stated that to say the least, the club is very disappointed.