Partner stunned by dead babies arrest

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wildfeuer). (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wildfeuer))

Yasmine M.'s boyfriend was absolutely stunned when she was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the two dead babies found in Heerhugowaard earlier this month.

The man said this in an interview with the Telegraaf, RTL reports. He lives with M. and five children, three are his and two are hers. They have no children together.

The boyfriend claims to have nothing to do with the case and noticed nothing amiss with his girlfriend. He only realized that something was wrong when the police arrested her. "I'm stunned and amazed", he said to the Telegraaf. "I did not notice anything amiss with her at all. I'm a witness, not a suspect in the case."

The 31 year old Yasmine M. was arrested on Wednesday. According to the police, her DNA matches with both babies found dead in Heerhugowaard. The first baby was found on October 8th, the second was found while the police were investigating.

According to RTV Noord-Holland, M. has another two children with different fathers, two boys of primary school age. One of the boys' fathers told the broadcaster that they have not been in M.'s care for years. The boys have been living with members of M.'s family since child protection removed them from her care.