Schiphol Airport parking second most expensive in region

Schiphol Airport is the second most expensive airport to park a car for short or long periods in the region, according to website's Fall Report 2015. Only the airport in Brussels, Belgium is more expensive than Schiphol.

For this report Vliegveldinfo looked at the parking rates at 16 airports in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

At Schiphol travelers can expect to pay 53.50 euros for three days parking and 79.90 euros for a week. Parking for three days in Brussels is cheaper at 49 euros, but for a week is more expensive at 89 euros.

According to the report, the size of the airports has a clear influence on the parking rates. Smaller airports such as Groningen-Ede, Munster in Germany and Oostende in Belgium are the cheapest airports to park your car. At the Munster airport it costs 15 euros to park your car for three days and 27 euros for a week.