Goalkeeper headbutts referee after red card

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A red card in the match between RKSV Neunen and VV Gestel on Saturday led to the VV Gestel goalkeeper being arrested for headbutting the referee.

According to Omroep Brabant, the match did not go at all smoothly for referee Gerard Briene. Throughout the match he had insults flung at him from players and supporters alike, who did not agree with his decisions.

The dissatisfaction came to a head during injury time, when Briene gave a free kick for Neunen. Neuenen score and the Gestel goalkeeper was so infuriated that he attacked the referee. "After my decision the keeper came cursing at me. I gave him a red card. He went completely berserk and gave me a headbutt on my nose", Briene said to Omroep Brabant. "These are things that you do not expect. I have never experienced something like this before."

Briene then headed to the locker room, where unknown men threatened to throw him through a window. This was the last straw and the referee decided to call the police.

The goalkeeper was arrested after the match. According to the police, he resisted arrest and had to be fought to the ground. A number of sources told the broadcaster that he is still in custody.

VV Gestel told Omroep Brabant that this is all a misunderstanding and that the goalkeeper did not headbutt the referee. Briene stated that he has two neutral assistants and camera images to prove what happened.


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