Eindhoven Airport passengers up 11 percent in 2015

An Arkefly jet above the Eindhoven Airport (Picture: Twitter/@Arke). (An Arkefly jet above the Eindhoven Airport (Picture: Twitter/@Arke))

New figures released by the airport in Eindhoven show an 11-percent increase in passengers over the first nine months of this year. Through September, 3,375,402 passengers used the airport, a gain of 323,402 over the same period last year.

The first nine months of 2015 also saw 23,617 aircraft takeoffs and departures, an increase of five percent over the first three quarters of last year when there were 22,528 aircraft movements, excluding military use.

Eindhoven Airport expects final passenger totals for 2015 to hit 4.3 million, a ten percent gain, and 30,600 total aircraft movements, just shy of a six percent bump. This should equate to an average of 83 flights per day.

The greater increase in percentage of passenger numbers compared to the number of planes used is due to the increased occupancy capacity of planes utilizing the airport.