Report: Football legend Johan Cruijff suffering from lung cancer

Former football star Johan Cruijff has been diagnosed with lung cancer, according to various media in Spain. Cruijff's "immediate environment" confirmed this to Radio Catalunya, saying that he was diagnosed in a Barcelona hospital on Tuesday and has to undergo a number of tests to determine the extent of the tumors.

Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf, in which Cruijff writes a column, only states that the 68 year old coach had a number of hospital visits this past time due to health problems, but that the severity of these problems are still unclear. Cruijff's management will release a statement during the course of Thursday morning.

The Johan Cruyff Foundation in Amsterdam told newspaper AD the same thing. "Cruijff was in the hospital. This week he is undergoing multiple examinations.", was all the foundation would say, also adding that a comprehensive statement will be released during the course of Thursday morning.

Cruijff stopped smoking in 1991 after suffering a heart attack, according to AD. He then worked on a campaign in Spain to discourage smoking.