Amsterdam, Rotterdam officials attacked in Paris suburb

Graffiti in Saint-Denis, France (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/François GOGLINS)Graffiti in Saint-Denis, France (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/François GOGLINS)

A group of Dutch municipal officials from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Arnhem were attacked in Paris on Wednesday night. The officials are in Paris on a three-day trip to look at how the French counter radicalization in young people.

Correspondent Frank Renout told broadcaster NOS that the group had just finished a meeting in one of the problem areas in the northern suburb of Saint-Denis. They were walking to their next meeting, a few hundred meters away, when a group of young people attacked them.

The young people attacked them with pepper spray, fists and feet. One official sustained a head wound and one of their bags were stolen. The officials managed to get away.

The rest of the evening's meetings were cancelled, but the visit was not cut short. Their meetings will continue as scheduled on Thursday.