Johan Cruijff blames Football Assoc. for quick Dutch Euro exit

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Former professional football player and manager Johan Cruijff is accusing Dutch football association KNVB of being responsible for Oranje not qualifying for the European Championship. He feels that the association has not adequately monitored the basic rules of how football should be played.

"Of course the elimination of the Dutch team is not the fault of the coach alone", Cruijff wrote in his column in the Telegraaf on Monday.  "Missing the European Championships is mainly the responsibility of the KNVB."

According tot he former football star, the downfall of Dutch football is that fixed norms are no longer observed. He feels that technical details such as playing into pass and conversions are easy to train. "Even for someone wit less talent. In that respect I don't even find it relevant if someone like Arjen Robben does not play."

Cruijff belives that a players' qualities should be anticipated, and that is something he misses in Dutch football. "A problem that can already largely be tackled by properly handling the basic rules. The KNVB has to oversee that. By not analyzing the results, but the game."

The former manager does, however, see a silver lining in Oranje missing out on the European Championship. "The elimination is a big drama, on the other hand, it shakes everyone awake. It is high time."