Health insurer DSW raising basic health payment by €45 in 2016

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Health insurer DSW will raise their basic annual healthcare package costs in 2016 by about 45 euros for the entire year, lower than the 58 euro increase predicted by the health ministry. compared to that of the Ministry of Health which will increase its premiums by 58 euros. This will be the fourth consecutive year that DSW has announced premiums lower than that of the Ministry.

DSW is expecting lower growth in national health care costs for 2016 than is predicted by the Ministry, and this over-estimation of the Ministry affords DSW the determination of a lower premium when compared to that of national health system, the company said in a statement.

Under DSW’s only one policy, which covers groups and individuals on identical plans, reserves can be reduced by ensuring their clients are seen by good quality health professionals, as freedom of choice of health practitioner is now more limited.

DSW is the first to announce the compulsory basic healthcare insurance costs for next year potentially providing direction for other insurers.