Wilders lashes out again at “fraudulent parliament”, called a “Megalomaniac”

At the end of the general debate in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Thursday, PVV leader Geert Wilders claimed that the Kamer no longer represents "the people" and called it a "fraudulent parliament". This statement received scorn from D66 leader Alexander Pechtold, who said that Wilders suffers from "megalomania".

According to Wilders, he is the only one who dares to say what millions of Dutch people thing - that refugees are not welcome in the Netherlands and that the borders should be closed, NU reports. Pechtold thinks that Wilders suffers from "megalomania if he thinks that he is the only one representing "the people". "Where do you get the nerve to say: I am the people", an agitated Pechtold demanded of Wilders. According to him, that statement disqualifies 138 democratically elected parliamentarians.

Pechtold also criticized Kamer President Anouchka van Miltenburg for not intervening when Wilders called the Tweede Kamer a "fraudulent parliament". "The president, who has a detached way of chairing, has really made a mistake here", the D66 leader said, according to broadcaster NOS. "If parliamentarians are in each other's hair, you as president have to keep some distance." He feels that Wilders' comments are destroying the heart of democracy. "In history that has happened all to often". Pechtold would like to get e response form Van Miltenburg "at a quieter time".

PvdA Parliamentarian Jan Vos tweeted that Wilders' contribution has "fascist" characteristics: parliament is fake and the people need to rise up against it: down with democracy." He explained his tweet during a break in the debate. "The freedom of speech applies to everyone in the Netherlands. For Geert Wilders, but also for the PvdA. I think he went to far by calling parliament fake and calling on the people to revolt."

Earlier in the day Wilders crossed swords with Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Rutte distanced himself from Wilders habit of labeling refugees as an "Islamic tsunami" and "testosterone bombs" that "threaten our girls". Calling these "terrible terms" that contribute nothing to a solution."